The PPCAppStore is a software distribution platform, for PowerPC macs, compatible with MacOS 10.4 Tiger, MacOS 10.5 Leopard and MacOS 10.6 SnowLeopard OS.
It allows users to download essential applications to keep their PowerPC macs alive.
The purpose of the store is to keep a copy of the applications, because lately the platform PowerPC is no longer supported and developers not provide anymore the version for PowerPC macs.




  • v2.1 – 17 february 2018
    – Fixed 1024×768 resolution problem
    – Updated Apps – TigerSierra Theme v2 (thx Trayton Nichols), LeopardRebirth
    – Added more themes for leopard – Mountain Leopard PowerPC Theme, iOX PowerPC Theme, Black Mac OS X Theme (thx Henry Taylor)
    – Added Shiira and Roccat Browsers (thx André Faria), MenuMeters (Thx Trayton Nichols)
    – Added few screenshots (thx Roger Hodge)
  • v2.0 – 02 august 2017
    – Design-level improvements
    – Screenshots for Apps – only first 11 Utility Apps Section (send me screenshots with 400×300 o 586×440 resolution plz)
    – If the resolution 800×600 is detected, the store fits the screen, not showing the screenshots (give me your feedback if it works as it should)
    – Fixed some links
  • v1.7 – 22 may 2017
    – Added more software: PaintBrush and PhotoSync (thx Pasquale), Acrobat Reader + Upd 9.5.5, AirPort Utility, Google SketchUp, TeamViewer, Teleport, Sparrow (broken link), SoundFly, AirPort Utility
    – Added Games category: Starcraft (now free), Marathon (opensource)
  • v1.6 – 14 may 2017
    – Added section “Look & Feel” with Tiger Sierra Theme and Leopard Rebirth Theme
    – Now the PPCAppStore is part of the theme Tiger Sierra Theme made by AmazingHenry that you can download in the Look & Feel section in the Store
    – Tested automatic update check on startup
  • v1.5 – 8 may 2017
    – Added automatic update check on startup
    – Added more software: AppCleaner (thx Fuseki), iCab, Sparrow (soon), FindAnyFile
    – Fixed External link bug (thx Henry)
    – Fixed links: QuickTime, Dropbox (thx Henry)
  • v1.4 – 5 january 2017
    – Added more software (Notational Velocity, Stainless, AmiCloud, PPC Media Center)
    – Added latest SnowLeopard version for few apps
    – Fixed links
    – Fixed “Cancel download” operation error
    – Fixed some estetic bugs
  • v1.3 – 7 april 2016
    – Now the store is Universal Binary and works on SnowLeopard (you download the leopard version of the apps but thanks to Roseta will works on SnowLepard)
    – Added more software
  • v.1.2 – 19 march 2016
    – Now you can try the inapp Updater, do not download from here, open already instaled PPCAppStore and press the update button!
    – Fixed links
    – Added more software
    – Added BuyNow button
  • v1.1 – 9 march 2016
    – Added resize & maximize window option
    – Added App Updater!!!
    – Added more software
  • v1.0 – 28 february 2016
    – Added new categories of software
    – Added external download button (now only for big files ex: iLife)
    – Removed the background song
    – Fixed all links
  • v1.0b – 22 december 2015
    I work to a PowerPC AppStore in RealBasic … There is still a long way to go, but i hope to finish it if time allows me.
    Here is the beta version of PPCAppStore. I not tested it very much on Leopard. I await your feedback. Contains free software, trial and abandonware, i will not infringe the copyright of any …



  1. Hello,
    I am working on a theme that makes your OS X Tiger Mac look just like the latest OS X, Sierra. Would you mind if I included this really, really cool app in my theme? More people could find out about it and I’d be sure to credit you.

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    • Hello! I’m glad you like it, and thanks for the compliment! It would be great to integrate it into your theme. Any advice, suggestions, reporting and welcome! If you know a tiger version for any software that you can find in my appstore, let me know. The store is 99% compatible with Leopard, only a few apps have the version for tiger. The AppStore detects your operating system and download the appropriate version of the app. In leopard will download latest version compatible with leopard, the tiger, the version for tiger. Let me know when you launch your theme! Thanks, see you soon!


      • Thanks, I will be including it in the theme. Release is scheduled for March (there’s still a lot of work to be done), but email me ( and I can get you a beta release if you want. 😉

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  2. Another thing, the dropbox version on the Store doesn’t work anymore, it says that I’m using an outdated version. If you could add the latest hacked version that’d be great. 🙂


  3. Just so you know, there’s a freeware utility called AppCleaner that has the same functionality as the commercial App Zapper, and is a universal binary as well.

    I would also include Mpeg Streamclip as a video player, as it’s pretty lightweight and can convert videos to many different formats (even MOVs for OS 9), as long as Perian and Quicktime MPEG2 is installed. Also a universal binary.

    Just a couple of suggestions. Great work, and thanks!


  4. Hello, I found a small problem with your app. I’m trying to download QuickTime 7.7 for Leopard, and the “Download” button downloads a file that is “not recognized” when trying to open. And when I tried the “External” button, it started downloading a version of Dropbox (not even the patched version).

    Great job on the app though, I use it all the time. 🙂


  5. Would you consider making a version of it for 10.2 and 10.3? I happen to have my own repository of software for those releases of OS X, and I’m planning on helping another site specializing in older software.


      • Sorry, my mistake. I sent it to Henry. I wrote:
        Are you still working on it? It is the BESTEST PPC SW resource I found.
        I started with PPC 3 years ago. Problem: not enough SW.
        I managed to find some that is not in your store.
        How can I help?
        I can send links [although some probably lost] or dmg itself.
        Please, continue this work if you are able to.
        At the moment in shit finantial situation so I cannot help you by donation.
        Best regards


      • Thanks for the compliments, comments like this, make me continue to improve the store! Currently I do not have much time to devote to the store but the project has not abandoned !!! In the near relese want to implement the notification in case of a new update … Can you suggest software, photos for buttons, find bugs, hosting for files with direct download links … Thank you for your solidarity!


  6. The Marathon trilogy went open source ( in 2011. They’re free to download in their original form ( or as an open source continuation known as Aleph One (, the development of which has remained active at least until 2016. Both versions are fully functional on PowerPC, and a significant part of gaming history; Marathon, originally a Mac exclusive, had some modern features to stand out among Doom clones, but most appealing to would-be collectors is the fact that Halo would have been Marathon 4 if Microsoft hadn’t bought Bungie.

    I suggest adding at least the Aleph One trilogy, and removing MacTubes as it no longer functions (

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  7. A few app suggestions:
    Taco HTML Edit (there’s a PowerPC version available on their website)

    Also, I don’t know if this is hard to do, but a search function would be amazing. If I want an app and I’m not sure if it’s on the store, It’d be way better to search for it rather than look though lists for something you aren’t even sure is there. But the store is great as is! 🙂

    Oh, and if you add those apps, there was also a new PPC Dropbox patch released very recently, so that may have to be added as well.

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  8. Hi there, I have a large library of various applications and software I have gathered from various locations which all run on Tiger, I’ve been looking for a way to contact the programmer of the app store as I would like to pass on a few of these programs to other PPC users. I have everything from simcity to browsers to media players and software tweaks. Long live PowerPC


    • Thank you very much for your availability! The software included in the Store has been downloaded from official sites or trusted sources. My email is in the About section of the PPCAppStore, so we talk. Thanks again!


  9. Hello , thanks for this great software!

    I am using mac os snow leopard server , but it would not allow me to download any file as it is not recognized as a supported OSX.

    Maybe this can be enabled?



  10. Hello my friend’s!

    I cannot wait until the next version. I am currently using an iMac G5 as my main iMac. I purchased it for £70 on eBay a few months ago, and it works great, thanks for making this.


    • Hello Henry! Congratulations for the iMac, I’d like one, maybe I’ll buy it in the future. It will be a new version if time permits me, soon. Thanks for the encouragement and I’m glad you like it !!


  11. Really appreciate this app! Long live PowerPC!

    I`m really curious about Ethan`s software library as mentioned on his May 27th 2018 comment. Will the software he has be included in the next release?

    On another note, ever considered also adding a new category, just for “Classic” (OS 9) apps? I think this`d be very relevant and within the scope of the app, as Classic is included in every PPC OS X 10.4 Tiger release!
    If so, I wouldn`t mind helping out!

    Thanks for all the work thus far. Cheers!


    • Thank you for your very encouraging comment for me!

      Initially I created the store for myself, and I wanted to include only the software I used. Then once launched, I thought of extending it to just essential software (not being able to understand the tide of existing software for PowerPc). Then I used Leopard more and added the Leopard version of the programs. I currently use more Snow Leopard and three will soon release a version that adds some things to SL.

      Now the store has more than 100 software available, each one with its versions for different operating systems!

      Unfortunately for every application I have to add manually, photos, text, screenshots, server uploads for any os, links and code, things that take time that I do not have at this particular moment.

      I thought of a version for OS9, but I never thought to include it as a section directly in the store, which does not seem bad as an idea. See you soon! Thanks again!


    • Hi! Enjoy the Store, it works very well, I have not released new versions, but the applications it contains, being PowerPC applications have not received other updates, so you will find the latest versions available. FS-UAE for OS X PPC is not included yet. Thanks


  12. Hey man, first of all, thanks for such a great app! I have a couple of suggestions for you:

    1: Could you integrate more games? The ones i think of are the freeware Pangeasoft games for os 9, Nexuiz and Sauerbraten are opensource games that are a lot of fun for powerpc macs.

    2: I own a LOT of compilation cd’s from a magazine called macfan, it was a dutch magazine that doesn’t exist anymore, but all the software on the dvd’s are in english, it has shareware, freeware and other handy things such as themes, icon packs and many many more! Is there a way i could send you these as a download? I was thinking about mega, there you can sort through the software and you pick what you want to put into your store, it can grow very big with all the software from those dvd’s i have.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Mail me @

    Greetings and keep up the good work! I use your store for years now!


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